Services are available from COMPUTER DUDES on a time and material basis. Services are subject to a 1-hour minimum charge.  


Subcontracting and outsourcing rates are also available


Other pricing options are available depending on the length, location and technical skills required to complete a project.

We can also provide you with a fixed pricing or contracts for standard computer services or computer projects.

Virus Removal

Computer Dudes technicians are very familiar with virus removal techniques which will minimize the potential for any lost data. While it is impossible for us to completely guarantee virus / malware removal without it affecting your important personal data, we can insure you that your data will remains intact, your data is always our number one priority.


No matter what is wrong with your computer, Computer Dudes is here and ready to help. Our technicians have the tools, knowledge and experience to accurately identify and repair your computer problem, no matter what is it: PC, Desktop, Laptop, Notebook we can repair it.


Does windows take long to load or shutdown?


Computer running sluggish?


Programs not responding and freezing?


If the answer is YES to any of these questions, you probably need a computer tune-up.

Preventive Maintenance
Data Services
Computer Sales

Know about computer problems before they become costly and time-consuming failures.

Computer system preventive maintenance (PM) is a very critical aspect of any successful IT operation and we always stress its importance!

Data Recovery


Data Backup


Data Transfer

Looking for a new computer?

Let the Computer Dudes do the leg work for you.

IP Camera

We can Install and configure your IP Camera for your Home or Business